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WE REPAIR ALL TYPES OF DENTAL EQUIPMENT        Including: high speed handpieces, ultrasonic and piezo electric dental scalers 

**Please send packages with a signature required for your security as well as ours

Call today and ask about our recondition prices 205-991-1990


ALL repairs and estimates REQUIRE a note INSIDE the box with the equipment!! Any package received without contact information INSIDE the box will placed at the end of the line. These packages take time to research the owner of the equipment, address and telephone number of the customer. This delays the repair process for EVERYONE! This includes anyone who has called our office. Starting September 1, 2022 we will no longer search for the owner of any equipment. Our time and focus will go into repairs. This is only fair to our customers and will speed up return time for everyone.

Thank you for your co-operation. We appreciate your business and want to provide exceptional customer service.

We specialize in Dentsply Cavitron repairs and repair all models such as Dentsply Cavitron Plus,Cavitron Jet Plus, Cavitron Select SPS, Cavitron SPS, Cavitron Prophy Jet...

However, our qualified technicians have experience repairing every type of scaler imaginable.

How it Works...​

  • ​Once we receive your unit a technician will look at your equipment and determine the problem, the resolution, parts involved and costs. Someone from our team will call you with the details and an estimate usually within 24 hours.

  • Once approved your unit will be sent to a technician for repair and shipment. 

  • If you decide you do not want the repair, then you pay shipping costs to have your equipment returned to you.

We use the same parts as the manufacturer. Your unit will not only be repaired as well, as by the manufacturer, but a lot faster and for a fraction of the cost!

Repair Estimate Request Form

High Speed Hand Piece Repairs

These are actual repairs we received in the mail!
To prevent your equipment from being damaged during shipment..

1. Do not use an overly large box! If a box is much bigger and does not have adequate packing it is highly likely to get damaged. 
There should be NO
 "air space" in a box when packaged correctly.
2. Always use adequate packing materials. Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, newspaper, packing paper, etc are proper protection.
Items that DO NOT work....
air filled surgical glove, paper towels laying on top, all the packing material to be on either the top or bottom of
your equipment. T-shirts, random pieces of cardboard on top, plastic grocery bag or trash bag.
***Unless you use a
LOT of these items, it will not work.
3. Always use enough tape to ensure that it is not only sealed but can withstand being tossed around against other boxes
on the way here.

We are NOT responsible for any shipping damages on equipment being shipped to us! We CAN NOT fix a broken case!


mail damage_edited.jpg

           CALL 205-991-1990


Buyers beware! We would absolutely love to have your business however we understand in today's economy, everyone is looking for a good deal.
If shopping on Ebay .....
Be sure to read an entire ad.
Look at the seller's feedback or "stars" when shopping. If the number of stars is very low... they are new and may not be around in 6 months for a warranty.
Look at the seller's other items for sale... If the list is not only dental equipment but things such as clothing, tools, toys, etc.... The they do NOT specialize in dental equipment repair. 
Previously owned may mean it is coming through a recycle center from discards. A clue will be a multitude of electrical items with circuit boards on their sale list.
And finally if it states the unit has been refurbished or rebuild, ask questions. What is replaced?
Tested is not replaced!
Finally what are the warranty exclusions??? 


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