Due to the rising costs of the wirefoot pedals we now offer this unit with a wired foot pedal with a substancial savings in cost. The pedal will still operate in the same manner, however will need to be plugged into the unit. If you must have the wireless pedal, please call for the price of the unit.


--Ultrasonic Cleaner equipped with a Sustained Performance System (SPS Technology) which offers a constant balance between scaling efficiency and patient comfort by maintaining clinical power.
--Steri-Mate detachable, sterilizeable handpiece and swivel cable with lavage control
--The Blue Zone - A Low Power Range - Effective subgingival debridement and improved patient comfort during definitive therapy
--Handpiece Holder
--Hands Free Boost Mode
--30,000 Strokes Per Second at Inserts
--Wired Foot Control Included
--Illuminated Diagnostic Display
--Rinse Setting & Automated Purge Function



Dentsply Cavitron Gen 131 Ultrasonic Scaler

SKU: Gen131