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Synthetic Biodegradable Handpiece Lubricant

                                   D R O P

               Dentists ~ Rely ~ On ~ Perfection 

One drop does the job. Tested time & time again and the choice of dentists around the World!  This oil is non-toxic, completely autoclavable (won't break down in autoclave), with stands temperatures in excess of 300-degrees Fahrenheit.  We use this oil not only on/in our handpieces but as a great cleaner for our equipment. Brings back that new shine. 

                                                Made in USA

 If used on a regular basis this oil WILL extend the life of your handpieces and equipment.  


* Safe for all handpieces ~ Works great with high speed as well as low speed


* Nontoxic


* Nonflammable


* Autoclavable


* 15 ml Bottle with needle dropper


** We will combine shipping on purchase of several bottles

Dental Handpiece Lubricant Lube Oil 15ml

SKU: JM2016