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The Marquee (ART-M3II) is a stand-alone magnet ultrasonic scaler that features 3 modes of operation: Scaling, perio, and endo. The Marquee provides precise control and ease of use as it locks-in the frequency of installed tips for optimal performance.

Note:  There are two models of the Marquee (ART-M3II) unit: One model for use with 25kHz inserts only, and a separate model for use only with 30kHz inserts.

CE and ISO Certified
510K registered

Device name: Marquee

Included Parts & Accessories for the 30kHz Marquee model

  • 1 Marquee (ART-M3II) 30kHz main unit
  • 1 Bonart IF-50 30kHz plastic grip internal water flow insert
  • 1 Bonart P-10 30kHz metal grip external water flow insert
  • 1 Foot switch
  • 1 Power cord
  • 1 Water tube
  • 1 Quick connector

Bonart Ultrasonic Dental Scaler M3II 30K-110V

  • Specifications:

    • Power supply: 110V ± 5% ~ 50/60 Hz 92 VA or 220V ± 5% ~ 50/60 Hz 92 VA
    • Operating Frequency 25khz Model: 24.5khz ± 5%
    • Operating Frequence 30khz Model: 27.9Khz ± 5%
    • Maximum water flow rate: approximately 100 ml/min
    • Dimensions (cm): 26(L) x 20(W) x 7(H)
    • Hand piece cable length: 250 cm
    • Foot switch cable length: 250 cm
    • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • We offer DOUBLE the Manufacture's WARRANTY! Guaranteed 2 year warranty when you shop with us. All repairs done in our shop by trained and skilled technicians

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